“Ciabot” (farmers hut) – Cortemilia     

Property Ref: HIP087


1ha    South 



Let’s be clear – this is not a house!  – It’s a very small farmers HUT (“Ciabot” in Italian)


It’s a place we would normally not take for sale as these small “Ciabots” tend to be situated in the middle of a vineyard and difficult to get to (no roads, no water, no power etc. etc.) – but on this special occasion we could simply not resist the temptation to present this to those clients who are looking for what could be a small romantic hide out free from the stress of the world.


…. and on this occasion there actually is a small country road leading to the property and communal water is nearby. For electricity you will need help from the sun!


I’m not sure, but I would guess the floor plan is app. 15 sq.mt. plus a similar area on the first floor. (Forget about drawings!)


The Ciabot is built in very old Langhe stone with a wooden floor partition and, in its current form it is a ruin. You would need to rebuild the place and should (apart from the standard 20%) not expect to get a building permit for any extension of the floor area. So total area under roof is not likely to exceed 40 sq.mt. + a covered terrace.


The property includes app. 1 hectare or land which is totally overgrown – but look at the pictures of the views!


So, you need energy, vision and a desire for “simple living” if you buy this “Ciabot”. But the rewards are fantastic; views to die for, clean air, great wildlife and fauna and all for a very small a budget.


Give me a call to discuss this wonderfully crazy project!


Vicki Christensen

Vicki is Maltese and a certified estate agent in Italy, registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Asti.

Speaks: English, Italian and Danish.



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